Consulting for Plastics and More

>  We here at SKG Plast are not only here to help you as recycling managers but also as consultants.

The search for sustainable solutions will naturally also throw up some issues—and we are on hand to help clarify any questions you may have on the subject of recycling. We see our consulting services as the perfect complement to our other services, which is why we also refer to it as “Materials Consulting.”

Ultimately, recyclable materials are definitely recyclable materials, so we not only offer our consulting services for plastics but also for other materials—find out more about this further on!

> Prudent materials consulting can definitely help you to conserve resources—from both an ecological and an economical perspective! As a business owner your focus is on ensuring that your business is running as smoothly as possible, and rightly so. Optimizing your production processes to achieve this will naturally also involve handling the waste materials generated as efficiently as possible. From an economic perspective, these waste materials can translate into cash gains for you if the right steps are taken—and with the right advice, this can bring great success, often with just a few simple adjustments. Economically speaking, the situation is also pretty clear—only businesses that act responsibly are really “fit” for the challenges of the future. Our consulting services can also assist you here, as we always guide you step-by-step through the process of optimizing your company on an economical and ecological level—anything else just wouldn’t make sense.

Materials Consulting for Iron and Metals

Iron and metals are without doubt invaluable materials. The better and more efficient your recycling, the more beneficial it is for the entire economical/ecological spectrum. Got questions about recycling these materials? If so, we will be more than happy to assist you with our expert consulting services.

SKG PLAST CEO Günter Gallien:
For many years before SKG PLASST was founded, I was CEO of a company in the scrap trade, focusing heavily on recycling scrap and used metals. Even back then I was keen to ensure that recycling was carried out in the best possible manner both from a business and an ecological perspective. As CEO, I was able to coordinate the decision-making processes to ensure that every area of recycling was functioning properly—real-world experience that is now benefiting our customers in the consulting process.”

Materials Consulting for Paper

And paper, too, is another recyclable material that is now indispensable—the term “waste paper” is familiar to everyone and almost symbolizes the typical ideal when thinking about recycling. Interested in the issues surrounding paper recycling? If so, we are also available to provide you with conscientious consulting to assist you. CEO Günter Gallien: “My career path also benefits our customers in this area. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time at one of Austria’s largest disposal companies, where I was responsible, among other things, for coordinating the paper and cardboard material flow. I took specialist courses in Austria and abroad which also helped me to amass extensive knowledge in this area. I can therefore also provide advice in this area if, for example, you need to find a suitable recycling channel for your company.”

Materials Consulting in General

In our view, there really is no such thing as waste—almost everything that is thrown out can be reused in some way. The worst case scenario, so to say, is thermal recycling, i.e. waste incineration—this process does at least generate energy from the waste (although radical reductions in pollutant emissions are essential in this process). Responsible recycling is widening its scope significantly and is therefore certainly something to aim for. CEO Günter Gallien: “If so-called waste is properly processed, it can quickly be turned back into recyclable materials. The key here is that the waste is properly handled (= recyclable material). We also need to raise people’s awareness to this end.”

Conclusion: expert consulting in recyclable materials

Recycling makes perfect sense. It also makes sense to ask questions too. We would love to advise you in recycling matters and work with you to find sustainable solutions. We hope that our wide-ranging experience will win you over. After all, what ultimately counts here are truly usable results—in the truest sense of the word.